by SianyKitty on December 31, 2013

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When I read Anca’s email at the beginning of last month about her intention to retire in managing Handmade Europe, I asked to myself, do I have the capacity to continue this alone?

It was on Saturday morning when I received this email and during that weekend I tried to find the answer. To be honest I am so lost managing this group blog alone. A team blog is not a personal blog when you can just write about anything I want and different from a personal blog an ‘I had a beautiful day at the park’ topic isn’t going to make it. It would have been easier that way.  But on the other hand I also know that I don’t have a responsibility for certain big decisions.

On Monday morning I wrote an email to Estella asking her advice and we agreed on a couple of points, thus the decision to end this beautiful blog.
As the team gets bigger, we get so lost of our visions.  We aren’t sure where to project the future whether it is to create the blog to promote the handmade products throughout Europe or to support the crafter throughout Europe, as these both can carry to a completely different path.

Projecting to the future of our blog, with the lack of vision and in desperate need of dedicated people, I am afraid it’ll be a challenge for us to keep on standing.

Saying good bye is never easy. However, I prefer to this than to carry on without a direction.
This is not a definite goodbye but rather a see you later.

We’ll take a break, we’ll back up with a hope to come back with a clear mind and fresh ideas. This is why I am inviting you to write us your thought about our blog.

I am still here as well as Estella, Natalka, and Anca. And definitely our Etsy Team, with 7490(and counting) of you, we are still going strong.  Please feel free to drop us a line, here at the forum, via email, convo us individually here for the team leader or myself.  Even if it’s just a warm hello.
Lastly, The whole Handmade-Europe blog team wish you a memorable end of year and a brilliant new year with full of hope.
Until we meet again,
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1 Star of the East December 31, 2013 at 11:16 am

Goodbye’s are never easy but unfortunately sometimes necessary. Hopefully we’ll find a new group of dedicated people in the future to start fresh, thank you everyone for all your work!

2 Natalka January 1, 2014 at 12:13 pm

Thank you Siany and everyone who worked on the team blog for all these years!
I hope we’ll meet a lot of times along internet and maybe some day in real life :)

3 queenofcuffs January 11, 2014 at 11:04 pm

I understand words and the why! I think the biggest problem for everyone is time and all the demands on it. Thanks so much to you and everyone who helped keep the blog alive. I think I am guilty as many people are, of looking in on the blog – enjoying all the lovely posts – but actually not taking part myself. The expectation is that it will always be there – but hand on heart I know it takes time and dedication to keep it there. So thank you. Hope it returns – will be missed.

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